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fashionlegend's Journal

fashion legend
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This community is all about fashion.
The topics will be about:
Models- details, pictures and biography.
Fashion photoshoots, Fashion editorials, Fashion adds - The photos should be avant-garde, unique, strange, beautiful.
Meaning, post photos of beautiful fashion productions, I want ones with stories behind them, and not the expected ones.

General Rules:
*Please place images larger than 400 pixels on any side under an LJ-Cut.
*If you are posting more than one image, please put all but the first image under an LJ-Cut.
*Note the name of the photographer, magazine, model etc. If you do not know that's ok, but you should. Name all what you know about the post.
*This is private community. Meaning, members only. After you are a member, you should post all your posts as members only.

You must have the passion for fashion.

This community origanly was only about fashion.
Now, the main thing is fashion, but, this community also talk about celebrities and their weight.